For any employer or recruiter seeking new employees, Veterans Job Board UK is the perfect one-stop solution.

We can ensure your job reaches the maximum audience of relevant job seekers.  


Why Hire Ex-Military?

At Veterans Job Board UK, our job-seeking, ex-military personnel and service leavers have developed a wealth of transferrable skills during their time in the British Armed Forces. They are hard-working, conscientious, loyal and excellent problem solvers.

Veterans are reliable with a "can-do" attitude and nothing phases them. They're trustworthy, adaptable, and not afraid of putting in the hard work. They have given so much for our country and we believe they deserve the opportunity to use their first-rate military skills in new careers to provide for themselves and their families.

Veterans and their families are ideal employees to fill your recruitment needs. That's why at Veterans Job Board UK, we want to ensure that finding a new career is a positive experience for both the veteran and the employer.

Hiring from Veterans Job Board UK enables you to access a broad range of candidates who are actively searching for their new career. As an employer – you could benefit from hiring a veteran!

There are many benefits of employing veterans, including:

  • National Insurance Holiday for 12 months if you employ a service leaver into their first job after leaving the military.
  • Excellent new loyal and dedicated staff.
  • The pride of knowing your company is supporting former Armed Forces personnel when they leave the military and return to civilian life.