Temperature Control Engineer

Job Description

We believe in empowering our colleagues to develop their skills, make decisions, and take on new responsibilities and promote promotion opportunities.

Our client delivers small, medium and large temporary temperature control solutions to various customers across the UK. They specialise in extremely high stands of service delivery and aim for the highest customer satisfaction possible. As a Temperature Control Product Engineer, you will support and guide the development of the temperature control business. You will oversee product servicing, fleet readiness, and maintain and prepare equipment for hire. You will work on a range of heating, cooling, and climate control systems to help customers maintain ideal temperatures in their environments.

Chiller engineers interested in learning new skills are encouraged to apply.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Performance load testing of temperature control equipment, such as fluid chillers, large standalone DX systems, AHU, centrifugal pumps and heat exchangers
  •  F-gas leak testing to legislative requirements
  • Preparation of temperature control packages, combining equipment to suit customer and site requirements
  • Drive safety and quality standards, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure fleet compliance and maintain operational documentation.
  • Perform and supervise major product repairs.
  • Work with the SHEQ (health & safety) team to maintain standards.
  • Be part of the team that defines, improves and implement equipment testing processes.
  • Participate in customer site visits and project management meetings.
  • Support the Temperature Control Team in preparing training documentation and sessions.