Gate House

Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities


Job Title


Position Type

Full Time



Department Manager

Compliance Manager


Job Summary

  • To ensure the smooth operation of vehicles Entering & Leaving site




  • Recording of inbound/outbound vehicles and consignments including all Outside Hauliers.
  • Recording of Vehicle Registrations and Drivers Name
  • Security of site entrance for inbound & outbound loads
  • Updating in house systems with arrivals and departures
  • Trailer control – Inbound/outbound scanning of trailers
  • Directing drivers to Bay Location
  • Physical checks of loads to ensure correct load is leaving the yard
  • Physical checks of load security, ensure any unsecured load does not leave the yard and the driver is turned around to go strap the load – Report these to the Transport Office
  • Ensure Vehicles & Trailers do not leave the yard if they are out of compliance or are to be stood down for Inspection/MOT
  • Control of shunters and yard operative(s)
  • Report any suspicious activity to any Manager/Section Leader to be investigated.